Bugs / Issues

The game is stable and fun to play, but there are a few known minor bugs / issues that will be addressed with each update, so please check this list if you see anything weird happening in the game.

  • No sound except for starting gate beep
  • When racing, the ghost rider position on the bike is not correct
  • The motion of the rider when jumping is not fine tuned
  • After crashing, front wheel occasionally bounces in place
  • Dirt spray from rear tire displays on surfaces other than dirt
  • Wheelies will slow/stop rider if rotated too far back in some situations
  • Handlebars occasionally hang up on bridges when falling off
  • Flip rotation is slightly off center of bike

Report Bugs

Please take note of any bugs or issues you see and if they are not listed on this page, let us know with the form below.

The app has not been extensively tested on older devices yet, so if you find that game performance is not acceptable, please note that below.